11 DIY Valentine’s Door Decorations Inspired By Love (2024)

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and what better way to let love into your home than with DIY Valentine’s door decorations? Here, we’re sharing our most romantic wreaths, door swags, flower arrangements, door hangers, and other crafts.

We hope these creative DIY projects inspire you to embrace your inner cupid and decorate your home for the holiday.

By Hometalk Highlights

1. Tulip wreath

Let’s start with this bold pink tulip wreath. Although roses are most traditionally associated with love and Valentine’s Day, tulips symbolize perfect, unconditional, and deep love. They are the perfect flower to feature in Valentine’s wreaths, and also welcome the coming of spring.

The only craft supplies needed are faux pink tulips from Michael’s, a wreath frame, and a hot glue gun. The pink really pops against the duck-egg-blue front door. Get tutorial here

2. Wire heart wreath

Of course, one simple way to nod to Valentine’s Day is with a heart-shaped craft, such as this wire heart wreath. Stefanie decorated a heart-shaped wire wreath frame with burlap ribbon and wood flowers to create this gorgeous design.

The great thing about wood flowers is that you can dip-dye them to create a perfectly coordinated color story. Get tutorial here

3. Lily door swag

Pink may be the obvious choice for Valentine’s door decorations, but white is classic and sophisticated.

Lilies symbolize innocence, purity, love, and devotion, and this floral swag featuring white lilies and wisteria definitely evokes that romantic feeling. The three lilies are the star of the show and truly pop against the dark green foliage. Get tutorial here

4. Bicycle wheel wreath

Now for something a little different! This unique DIY Valentine’s Day wreath repurposes an old bicycle wheel in an unexpected way.

By adding greenery and hanging wisteria to the painted bicycle wheel, the piece is transformed into a rustic door decoration or mantle decor piece. The wreath also has sentimental value, as Georgia used a bike wheel from her son's bike, which he’d grown out of. Get tutorial here

5. Beaded wreath

Next up is another Valentine’s Day wreath with a twist; wooden beads. Jenni threads these beads onto a steel hoop, then adds some pink floral decoration. Finally, she hangs the wreath on her door using a ribbon. This is such as simple but effective DIY, that works not only for Valentine’s Day but well into spring too. Get tutorial here

6. White, red, and pink swag

In this floral swag tutorial, the focus is on the classic Valentine’s palette: white, red, and pink. Stefanie takes you step by step through the floral arrangement, so you get the ideal balance of colors and greenery. Plus, she uses rose gold spray paint to give a romantic accent to the filler. Get tutorial here

7. Lavender wreath

Another flower packed full of symbolism and meaning is lavender. Lavender represents love, purity, and serenity. In addition, the flower boasts health benefits such as improving sleep, calming the nervous system, and healing properties. As Taylor Swift sings, to be in the “lavender haze” is to be deeply in love with someone.

In this DIY, Chloe creates a rustic wreath of faux lavender and heather. This works for Valentine’s Day, but could also work for spring and fall too. Get tutorial here

8. Rainbow tulip wreath

Back to tulips now, but this time the tulip wreath is a burst of rainbow colors. David wraps bunches of colorful faux tulips around a styrofoam ring with wire. The result is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who walks up to this door.After all, love is love! Get tutorial here

9. Catalog floral swag dupe

This floral swag was inspired by a $429 piece seen in a catalog. Chloe decided to DIY a similar design for a fraction of the price, proving that you don’t need to spend so much on a door hanging! Looking at the catalog swag and the dupe side by side, we can’t even tell which is the “real” one. Get tutorial here

10. Burlap daisy wreath

Now for a simple but effective Valentine’s Day craft, check out this adorable daisy door decoration. This project uses colored burlap twisted into petal and leaf shapes to create the daisy shape. The result is a cute piece of door decor that can be used season after season. Get tutorial here

11. Faux succulent pistachio nut wreath

Finally, we couldn’t talk about door decor without including one of the most unique DIY wreath ideas we’ve ever seen: a faux succulent wreath make using pistachio nut shells! The shells are arranged on a foam wreath to create perfect succulent florets.

You can leave the wreath as it is for a rustic and natural look, or spray paint the wreath green for a true faux succulent dupe! This looks so original and is sure to wow for Valentine’s Day and beyond to spring. Get tutorial here

11 DIY Valentine’s Door Decorations Inspired By Love (2024)


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